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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Getting one year marriage visa extension in Thailand

Getting a one year marriage visa extension in Thailand is not difficult if you meet the requirements and know the procedure.
According to Thai immigration law, if you are married to a Thai (man or woman), you are entitled to apply for one year marriage visa. However, there are a few legal requirements for this.

1. You must have a valid marriage certificate. Your certificate can be a Thai one or from another country. This marriage certificate must be in Thai or in English. If it is in other language, you must first translate it into English, which must be certified by your embassy in Thailand.
2. If your marriage is a customary marriage, this is not considered legal in Thailand. You must be able to show the original certificate issued by the legal authority in your country.
3. Both you and your partner must earn at least 40,000 baht a month. This is an average calculated on the income during the whole year. And this income is the total income of both the couple. For example, if you earn 25,000 baht and your spouse earns 15,000 baht, the total becomes 40,000 baht. You will have to submit the evidence of this income. If you work in Thailand and have paid tax to Thai tax authority, this can be used as evidence. Or your embassy can issue a statement of your income, or your tax payment record in your home country. Any document that is not issued by the Thai authority ........ Read more in Getting one year marriage visa extension in Thailand.

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