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I am moving my blog to Myanmar Man's Diary.It has already passed the beta testing stage and now up and running. Please visit my new blog. For, I will be updating it with the excerpt from my new posts in Myanmar Man's Diary. Another blog I was invited to contribute to is Today in Myanmar, a website about Myanmar culture, custom, information, travel advice, life and anything about Myanmar. You can also visit the new blog. So far, I am the only one who regularly contribute to this blog while other friends are still writing their articles. Thank you for your support.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Database - Computer and Information Technology

Here is a collection of technology and IT related articles from Bangkokpost newspaper. Although small in size, the articles are quite useful and valuable, with many hands on suggestions, tips and tricks from the computer experts. And it is totally free. Weekly updated.

Satellite TV Information

If you use a satellite TV, like many people from Myanmar (an Yangon), you will notice that the channels are changing all the time. Quite often, they simply disappear. So if you want to stay up to date with the satellite television, you can find out all at this Lyngsat website.

Myanmar Hotels Reviews

Myanmar Hotels Reviews - By a foreign visitor to Myanmar, have nice reviews on a number of hotels in Myanmar especially in Yangon (Rangoon). Just started so we will see how far it will go.

Want to know about Myanmar in one site?

If you want to know about Myanmar, whether culture, tradition, hotels, maps, tourist information, restaurants, dining and restaurants, arts, don't go anywhere. At you can find out all of them. The welcome page is alittle confusing so I link to their directory page where you can go to any page you want.

Karaoke? Don't have one?

So you are addicted to Karaoke, and not enough money to buy all those new songs? Don't worry anymore. Here is a new Karaoke website for those karaoke addicts. Until now, the site is still free (it is still in beta version) but I believe they will charge you sooner or later. So don't wait any longer to go there before they start charging you.

Nyi Lynn Seck - A Myanmar Blog worth of Bookmark

There are very few Myanmar Weblogs on the internet. Of these, very few do regular updates. Nyi Lynn Seck's Blog is among those rare weblogs with dedication. You can read hundreds of articles in his blog which you might find interesting. You will need a Myanmar font to read his articles though as they are mostly written in Burmese.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Free cell phone stuff

If you are interested in downloading cell phone stuffs, such as mobile phone wall papers, screen savers, ring tones, free of charge, look no further than Free Mobile fun. With hundreds of free mobile wall papers, free mobile ring tones, free mobile screen savers, you won't be disappointed. You can simply download to your computer and upload them to your mobile or you can directly download them to your mobile phone if you have wap enable mobile. (mobile users in Myanmar cannot choose the second option as the mobiles in Myanmar are not wap enable).

The largest Myanmar blog I have ever found!

All the Myanmar blogs I have found so far, Arloo Blog is the largest, with entries more than 400 articles on various interesting topics. A big congratulation to you bro.


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