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Friday, October 07, 2005

Under the rain in Chin State

It is raining all day, almost everyday. The roads become quite wet and muddy. I am really traped inside now. It is inconvenient to go out in the rain. Whenever it rains in Chin state, the temperature drops dramatically, and it becomes very cold. And the wind also blows quite strong. The sound of wind blowing through the pine tree is so loud and terrifying. And the thick fog reduces visibility to almost zero. Everything becomes quite gloomy.

In this small little town in Chin State, in the heavy rain and thick fog, I am traped indoor. Although I want to go out and take photos, this sad weather doesn't let me do what I want to do. So all I could do is to lie down in my bed and wish for sunlight.

Because of continuous rain, I couldn't wash my old clothes. Smell coming from the pile of old clothes in the corner of my room is now quite unbearable. And I am gradually running out of clean clothes. If the rain doesn't stop in a few day, I think I will wrap myself in a big blanket like those old Chin people.

Friday, August 26, 2005

I won't be able to update my blog for a while

Dear friends, I won't be able to update my blog for a while as I am now back in Myanmar and will be travelling to a remote area of Myanmar for a few months. There is no internet access overthere so I will be cut of from the rest of the world for a while. Anyway, there are many interesting things at the places I travel and I will also take lots of photos so I hope I will be able to post them here when I can use the internet again. I will update my blog, may be next two or three months. And will be able to tell you interesting stories about the culture, people, their life, places and many more.

If you are one of those who are thinking of coming to Myanmar, please don't hesitate. In a few months the rainy season will be over and many tourists will be coming to Myanmar. If you intend to come, book at least one month in advanced. The airline seats and hotel and guest-house rooms are fully booked at peak seasons in tourist areas, especially Bagan and Inlay, so you better be quick. And anyway, our country is a very beautiful and friendly country.

I got married

Me and my girlfriend, Au, now my wife, are married. We had our solemnization ceremony in Singapore, on 21 August 2005, at Crown Prince Hotel on Orchard Road, Singapore. We solemnized and sign in the presence of the Justice of Peace Mrs. Bertha Neo. My friend Thant Zin Myint and his sister Aye Thu Thu Aung acted as our witnesses. It was a very wonderful moment for both of us.

We invited about 30 guests, all of them close relatives and friends, to our ceremony.

We spent our first wedding night as husband and wife at the Crown Hotel.

I will post some of the photos later on.

Our thanks to Mrs. Bertha Neo, Thant Zin and Thulae and all the family and friends.

And special thanks to K Khine Win, my sister, who acted as our wedding planner.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Interesting Myanmar Websites - 4

Sanchaung BEHS 2 - A website of old students from Sanchaung BEHS 2, Yangon, Myanmar. Photos, poems, essays, stories. You can also look for your old friends here. And join the old students community.

Lu Aye - An interesting personal website by a Myanmar guy Lu Aye. Very beautiful flash web graphic here.

TTC Union - Web site of TTC students from Myanmar. Photos, membership, forums, old friends search.

Dammadharna - A buddhism religious website with downloadable MP3 Myanmar Busshism preachings ( Ta-yar-taw). You will need Win Inwa Myanmar font. You can download it if you don't have.

Mogoke Vipassana (UK) - Mogok Vipassana Yeiktha website. You can also download MP3 preachings by Buddhist monks.

Mahagandayon Sayardaw - A website dedicated to a famous Buddhist Myanmar monk, Late Mahagandayon Sayardaw.

TechMyanmar - A computer technology website by a group of Myanmar computer geeks. Advices and articles on computer and information technology.

Shwe Hinthar - Another online Myanmar website with features on Buddhism, entertainment, online store. Downloadable buddhism teachings in mp3 format. Photos of models and movie stars.

All Myanmar - An online travel information site and online store. E-books on Myanmar.

Inwa - A Myanmar website with mp3 songs, photos, news, forum, travel information and online store.

Shwe Darling - A Myanmar online dating service for those of you who want to have a cyber romance.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Interesting Myanmar Websites - 3

7ven - A very interesting website of a group of seven people; a well laid out and well executed website.

Myanmar Yellow Pages - Like its name, Myanmar Yellow Pages. Quite an extensive list of businesses and their contacts.

Myanmars dot net - Another Myanmar web site about Myanmar history, culture, arts, people, places.

Click Myanmar - A Myanmar online community site. Links, yellow page, members' photos, downloads, Myanmar friends.

University of Medicine Mandalay - Formerly Institute of Medicine Mandalay, a medical school in Mandalay.

Best Refer - A website by a Myanmar medical student (looks like). There is a section for medical students (of Myanmar) which seems to be useful (for Myanmar medical students).

Technomation Studio - A website by a group of Myanmar techno geeks!

Shwe Gifts - Another Myanmar website on the internet. News, photos, Myanmar friends, Myanmar radio program.

Poems Corner - A place for all those Myanmar who loves to read poems as well as who wants to share their beautiful poems.

Asia Select Gallary - A selected Myanmar arts by well known Myanmar artists.You can also buy their paintings.

Myawaddy Bookshelf - Myanmar books, essays, poems, jokes, novels, short stories on the internet. Very well executed site.

Myanmar Media Group - Myanmar movies on the internet. They say you can watch Myanmar movies here but my dial up connection is quite slow so I never bother to watch them. If you are lucky to have a real broad band, why not try it?

Myanmar Costumes - An online shop that sells Myanmar costumes - wedding dress, casual, formal, shoes and sandals, bags, accessories.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Myanmar cartoons on the internet

Hey ... I just saw a web site featurings famous Myanmar cartoons. The site features cartoons like Tha-main-paw-tut, Lay Mon - Htwe Mon, Ngwe Kyi, Ko Khain, Pyar Kalat Sein, and other cartoons. Click here to read the Myanmar cartoon collection.

Another Myanmar cartoon website is Myanmar cartoons & Entertainment news. Not only cartoons but you can also read some Myanmar articles here. It is also called Future World.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Me and my girlfriend are going to get married next month (August). We will get married in Singapore. :))
Myat Thura - Myanmar man from Burma

Monday, July 18, 2005

Myanmar Artists

Here are the links to Myanmar artists and their creations.

Thavibu Gallary - Modern Asian contemporary Arts Painting form Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Featured artists include famous Myanmar artists like U Lunn Gywe.

Yadanapura - Another Myanmar site featuring paintings of famous Myanmar artists.

Nay Myo Say - The site of Myanmar artist and painter Nay Myo Say.

U Lunn Gywe - The site of very famous Myanmar artist and painter U Lunn Gywe. Featuring his biography, his works and his exhisbitions.

Asia Select Gallary - A selected Myanmar arts by well known Myanmar artists.You can also buy their paintings.

Interesting Myanmar Websites - 2

Here is an addition of New interesting Myanmar websites.

Myanmar Image - Web site featuring Myanmar photos and images. Listen to Myanmar mp3 songs as well as watch Myanmar VCDs. Also fatured are Myanmar culture, wedding, costume, Thingyan (water festival).

Shwe Dream - A web site featuring reviews on Myanmar songs and VCDs. You can also listen to Myanmar mp3 songs and watch VCDs too. Chat room and E-cards also.

A Lwann Cafe
- Another Myanmar music and songs website. Downloadable mp3.

Mhone Shwe Yee - Another Myanmar (Burmese) web portal. Online Myanmar community, post cards, horoscope, jokes, chat, forum, directory, dating.

Singapore poly Myanmar students - A web site of Singgapore polytechnic Myanmar students. Looks like it hasn't updated for quite a long time. But you can still see links to some interesting Myanmar websites.

Myanmar Money Museum - A good collection of old Myanmar (Burmese) money notes. Quite interesting.

Yadana - An online Myanmar community. Like a free dating service. Or cyber friend.

Myanmar web directory - In fact, this is a link to Myanmar sites, a google directory. Lots of links to Myanmar sites.

Beautiful Myanmar
- Lots of links to interesting articles on Myanmar history, culture, food, everyday life, Buddhism, religion, geography, arts, literature, archeology, language, festivals, photos.

Ayinepan - Myanmar community website. MP3, lyrics, Buddhism, E-books, phone cards.

Myanmr movies, VCDs and songs on the internet

Hey... I just found a great site while surfing the internet. You can view photos of Myanmar as well as MP3 songs there. Moreover, you can even watch Myanmar music VCDs too. Why don't you check it out at Myanmar Image website? Also featured are Myanmar costume, Myanmar dance, Thingyan (water festival), Myanmar wedding, interesting places in Myanmar.

Myanmar Media Group - Myanmar movies on the internet. They say you can watch Myanmar movies here but my dial up connection is quite slow so I never bother to watch them. If you are lucky to have a real broad band, why not try it?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Myanmar Weblogs (Blogs)

Here are some Myanmar weblogs (Blogs) I come across while surging the internet. Many of them are quite interesting and informative.

Go 2 Myanmar - Essential info for tourists - A very informative site for all tourists coming to Myanmar as well as for those interested in Myanmar. Lots of excellent photos and articles. A must see site.

Myanmar Culture - Another site with many excellent articles on Myanmar culture. A must see blog for those who are interested in Myanmar culture as well as those Myanmar people who don't know anything about their own culture. A very good work.

Au-Life - A blog of a Myanmar student attending the Assumption University, Thailand. Quite interesting although not strictly on Myanmar.

Arloo - The Myanmar fun blog, although not all articles are funny. However, it contains many informative articles.

Kabyar Chit Thu - A Myanmar poetry site. Burmese poems both in Myanmar and English.

Ping Long - Myanmar travel and tour agent information. News on travel and tourism in Myanmar.

Myanmar (Burma) Weblog
- Blog of a Christian mission to Burma.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Thingyan (Songkran) - Myanmar water festival

Hey, here is a cool Thingyan - Myanmar water festival website. You need to register to read and write comments. Lots of 2005 Thingyan photos. You don't need to register if u just want to see the pictures.

Myanmar Celebrities - Actors, Actresses, Singers, Models

Myanmar Photoalbum - Photos of Myanmar actors, actresses, model girls, singers.

Eaindra Kyaw Zin - Official website of Burmese actress and super model Eaindra Kyaw Zin

Myo Kyawt Myaing - Official website of rapper Myo Kyawt Myaing.

Alex - Official website of Myanmar singer Alex. I couldn't get access to this site for quite a while so I wonder if it is still there.

Yadanar Khin - Super model Yadanar Khin's official website. Lots of her attractive photos.

Moh Moh - Vocalist Moh Moh's official website.

Nawaratt - Singer Nawaratt's official website with some of her attractive photos.

Zin Zin Zaw Myint - Model Zin Zin Zaw Myint's attractive official website.

Yarzar Ne Win - Ahhhhh ... who would like to see this clown's website?

Acid - Famous rapper gruop's official website.

Htun Eaindra Bo - Web page of Htun Aeindra Bo, a famous myanmar actress and vocalist

Lu Min (Lu Minn) - Famous Myanmar (Burmese) actor.

Lwin Moe - Famous Myanmar (Burmese) actor.

Min Maw Kunn - Famous Myanmar actor.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Myanmar online journals and magazines

Interview - Interview journal (weekly) - one of the top selling Myanmar (Burmese) journals. The site is not working most of the time because of the server.

Achit - Achit journal. Yah - about love! This one is also selling well in Myanmar. However, the online version doesn't work most of the time. (Weekly)

Academy - Academy journal. Also not working properly. About Myanmar (Burmese) movies, videos, actors, actresses, models and singers. (Weekly)

People - People's magazine. One of the top selling Myanmar magazines. The online version is also nice looking and it is really working. (Monthly)

7Days News - 7 days news weekly journal. Myanmar news.

Internet - Internet journal (Weekly) - for IT professionals and those interested in IT. News on Myanmar IT and computer community.

Alinkar Journal - Myanmar online music journal from Planet website.

Faces - Myanmar fashion magazine. For teenagers.

Fashion Image - Myanmar fashion magazine. Actors, actress, models, singers, celebrities, news, music, fashion.

Marketing journal - Myanmar economic, business and marketing.

My Web Digest - Selected articles from Myanmar magazines and journals.

Myawaddy Bookshelf - Myanmar books, essays, poems, jokes, novels, short stories on the internet. Very well executed site.

Interesting Myanmar Websites

I will start posting the reviews on the Myanmar (Burmese) websites I have visited here. The reviews will be updated frequently and regularly so you should check this website every few weeks.

Here are some of the interesting sites I have visited recently.

Yangoncity - Official website of Yangon (Rangoon) City Development committee. Nice Myanmar site but uninformative. Lots of ads. Has a nice chat rooms. Also host an online community. Can also listen to the City FM Radio. Some Myanmar and Yangon news. Worth a try.

MM CGI - Myanmar CGI group's website. For geeks only.

Planet - Myanmar website for young people. If you are under 20 (or even 30), this is for you. Myanmar news, articles, Myanmar music, Myanmar chat rooms, Myanmar magazines, Myanmar cyber friends, and lots. Also has an online directory. Should visit.

Shwenet - Shwenet Myanmar online directory. My site is listed there. Myanmar (Burma) News. Shwenet online Myanmar Radio. Photos, jokes, poems, models, actresses, cartoons, ecards.

Zinyawni - My friend Ugly Duckling's site. Quite interesting and well executed. A real professional site. Music, downloads, forums, online community. Must visit site.

Burmese online - A must for all the Burmese people who really want to chat (and perhaps meet an online friend, or romance). The biggest Burmese (Myanmar) online community and chat rooms. Photo gallary. Definitely the most essential site for all those Burmese people out there.

Yellow Pages - Official Myanmar Yellow pages. Mostly out of service. You can try your luck. If you are really lucky, you might be able to see something (Hee hee).

Classical Songs - A site for old Myanmar classical songs.(Thi Chin Gyi). You can listen to some of the famous Myanmar old classical songs, if you are interested. (I am not interested so really don't know you can really listen to).

Professor - Another site of Myanmar rapper group. Some animations they made. Why not pay a visit.

Myanmar History - Only for those who are really interested in Myanmar history. Quite interesting articles on Myanmar (Burma, Burmese) history by professionals including U Aung Thaw, Col. Ba Shin, Daw Kyan, U Lu Pe Win, Takathou Maung Maung Gyi, Thiripyanchi U Mya, U Myint Aung, U Pe Maung Tin, U Sein Maung Oo, Taik Soe, U Than Swe, Dr. Than Tun, Henery Wotten, Dr. Yi Yi, Saya Zaw Gyi, Zayya.

Ayarwaddy - Myanmar photos on the web. Lots of very good photos on Myanmar (Burmese) culture, life, people, tradition, ethnic races, places. Include photos on Yangon (Rangoon), Bago, Mandalay, Bagan, Naga, Chin, Kachin, Shan, Inlay, Putao, Ayarwaddy, river dolphin, Pyinoolwin (Maymyo).

HSdejong - Another Myanmar photo site. A photographer from Europe who got married to a lady from Pagan. Lots of interesting photos on places in Myanmar and Myanmar way of life and culture.

Great Mirror - Another Myanmar photo site with a great collection of Myanmar photos.

Trek Earth - Myanmar photos on the web.

MyanmarMP3 - Free download for Myanmar MP3 songs. A great collection of modern Myanmar pop and rock. Registration required.

Myanmar Stamps - A site about Myanmar (Burma) stamps from colonial period till now. Very interesting site.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Myanmar Books, novels, and magazines

If you want to buy Myanmar books and magazines online, why not try the Foreverspace Myanmar online book store for Burmese books, magazines and novels. You can buy Myanmar books and magazines in PDF format or you can sample some of the articles from these books before you buy.

Another website called Bamasar also has some Burmese articles. Not many though.

Myawaddy Bookshelf - Myanmar books, essays, poems, jokes, novels, short stories on the internet. Very well executed site.

Poems Corner - A place for all those Myanmar who loves to read poems as well as who wants to share their beautiful poems.

Myanmar MP3 Music free downloads

Hi guys. To all those Myanmar (Burmese) Music lovers over the net. If you are interested in downloading Myanmar (Burmese) MP3 Music free of charge over the internet, why not try the MyanmarMP3 website. It has a vast collection of Modern Myanmar (Burmese) songs as well as some old songs. You need to register at the site and the download is limisted to 30 songs a day.

Another interesting site is Pangasar which also has quite a large collection of Myanmar songs. You don't need to register but you can only listen online - you cannot download it.

If you want to listen to old Myanmar or Burmese classical songs, try Mahagita. It has some Burmese classical songs, although frankly speaking, I never listen to the songs from that site before. Anyway, you can try.

Another Myanmar (Burmese) classical songs site is Myanmar Music. You will need Real Audio player to listen to these old Burmese classical songs.

Another site is Shwenadi. You can listen to Myanmar songs there and also give comments on these songs and rate them. You can also listen to live radio broadcast here too.

Another site that you can download is Kadayaung. I don't know what that means but here also, you can download some Myanmar (Burmese) songs in MP3 format free of charge.

Planet Myanmar also host a few downloadable Myanmar songs. I never tried to download from this site before. You can try it if all other sites failed.

Las of all, don't forget to check Yangon city official website. You can listen to the live City FM radio there, although I never succeed in listening to. May be, with luck, you might be able to listen to the live broadcast of city FM radio station.

A Lwann Cafe - Another Myanmar music and songs website. Downloadable mp3.

And finally, you can download some songs at TZM's Play Ground.

Burmese (Myanmar) chat rooms

There are a number of Myanmar chat rooms on the internet. Perhaps the most famous and wel l known one is the Burmese online IRC chat. You can reach the site at . You can find the information on how to use the IRC client to connect to the chat room. If you don't know the technical details, then you can use the java script client or CGI client that the web site offer. However, the functionalty is not as rich as the real IRC client. However, after a while, some of your cyber friends will help u to set up an IRC client on your machine.

Another web chat is the shwenet chat room. However, it is not very popular and you won't see many people on it.

Another one is Planet chat. It is also not very popular. Both of these chat rooms need you to sign up with them. But the Burmese online doesn't ask you to sign up. You can just take any name you want as long as nobody take that name before you.

BaganNet also have some chat rooms but only very few people bother to log in.

Yangon City web site also host a web chat. It used to draw a few people but I haven't log on to it for quite a long time, so I don't know the current status.

Hope this post is of help to you. Nice chatting with Burmese friends at one of these Myanmar chat rooms.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My sister is going to attend at NTU

My sister, K Khine is going to attend at the National university of Singapore this year. She will attend the engineering course, although she doesn't really interested in Engineering. Actually, really doesn't know about engineering much. Please becareful! If you realise you are in a plane built by her team, get off the plane immediately.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I am visiting Singapore

Hey, I am visiting Singapore for a while. Actually I am here to get married to my lovely wife Au Ja. We are going to get married next month here in Singapore. I will post the photos after the wedding. Wait for them.

Au Ja in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar
Myat Thura - Myanmar man from Burma

Myat Thura when young.
Myat Thura - Myanmar man from Burma

Writing a letter with a candle light

Myat Thura - Myanmar man from Burma

Myat Thura & Au, Chai Phan
Myat Thura - Myanmar man from Burma


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