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I am moving my blog to Myanmar Man's Diary.It has already passed the beta testing stage and now up and running. Please visit my new blog. For, I will be updating it with the excerpt from my new posts in Myanmar Man's Diary. Another blog I was invited to contribute to is Today in Myanmar, a website about Myanmar culture, custom, information, travel advice, life and anything about Myanmar. You can also visit the new blog. So far, I am the only one who regularly contribute to this blog while other friends are still writing their articles. Thank you for your support.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Foreign Exchange Rate in Thailand (Baht)

Somebody ask me what is the current exchange rate in Thailand. You can check out the current exchange rate at one of the Thai Bank websites. Here is a quick link.

Kasikorn Thai Bank

Siam Commercial Bank

Bangkok Bank

In Thailand, you can find money exchanges from banks everywhere. Usually, the rate the other money exchanges give is around 0.50 baht higher but sometimes it is difficult to find one.

Children fron Chin Hills

This is the photo I took while I was in Chin Hills. I took it from a small remove village in Chin Hills. I like the way the children were looking at me and the camera. Any comment?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Myanmar Wikipedia

Somebody posted a comment in my blog about the wiki site they are doing. I didn't look at it for a long time until today. When I look at it, I found it worth book marking and mentioning. The whole wiki site is written in Myanmar. Even the URL address is written in Myanmar. (Well, not truely Myanmar but part of the URL is in Myanmar which surprised me as it is the first time I see a URL in Myanmar. The site is just starting and building and many articles need to be updated or added. Well, I just want those of you who can type Myanmar well to come and add some contents to this new and developing Myanmar wiki. You can get to Myanmar Wiki here.

Two great photography websites for every one

Here are two really great photography websites for everyone who is interested in photography or who wants to take better photo with their digital camera. These websites offer many useful and informative articles and lessons on better photography taking free of charge. You should bookmark them, or subscribe to the RSS feed like I do. Please check out Digital Photography School and Beyond Megapixels for better photo taking.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Back from Lion City

Life underground
Just coming back from the Lion City, that is, Singapore. I went there for my sister's graduation. Talking about Singapore, everything is expensive. It was more expensive than the last time I went there three years ago. Food is really expensive and the taste is horrible, in most food courts, except in China Town. Taxi fares are extremely expensive, with so many surcharges for rush hour, downtown fare, etc. Just a few kilometers trip from downtown cost me S$20. Believe me, if it were in Bangkok, it won't cost more than S$5! I was shocked. And the fare that is displayed all the time on the taxi meter is not the tatal cost. You have to add all those surcharges to get to the total cost.
Life underground
However, the public transport is excellent. You can go whereever you want using the public transport. There is no confusion about it. And all the direction signs are well laid out. Taxi drivers are also nice. And the roads are clean and the the cars strictly follow the traffic rules. To my amazement, the prices of many cosmetics are cheaper in Singapore than in Bangkok. But clothes are more expensive.
We went to Sentosa while in Singapore. Everything is expensive. Underwater world is a nice place to visit, and the dolphin lagoon is also nice. However, the dolphin show was not as good as the first time 3 years ago. And the famous magic fountain is not free anymore. Worse, the show is not as good as the previous one. Too bad.

Extreme Macrophotography

quick video 4, extreme macro photography trick from Jim Talkington on Vimeo.

Here is how you can acheive extreme close up macro photography using two lenses that you might already had, wihtout needing to buy an expensive macro lens.


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