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Friday, October 07, 2005

Under the rain in Chin State

It is raining all day, almost everyday. The roads become quite wet and muddy. I am really traped inside now. It is inconvenient to go out in the rain. Whenever it rains in Chin state, the temperature drops dramatically, and it becomes very cold. And the wind also blows quite strong. The sound of wind blowing through the pine tree is so loud and terrifying. And the thick fog reduces visibility to almost zero. Everything becomes quite gloomy.

In this small little town in Chin State, in the heavy rain and thick fog, I am traped indoor. Although I want to go out and take photos, this sad weather doesn't let me do what I want to do. So all I could do is to lie down in my bed and wish for sunlight.

Because of continuous rain, I couldn't wash my old clothes. Smell coming from the pile of old clothes in the corner of my room is now quite unbearable. And I am gradually running out of clean clothes. If the rain doesn't stop in a few day, I think I will wrap myself in a big blanket like those old Chin people.


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