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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back from Kunming, Yunnan, China

Well, I was just coming back from Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province of China. I stayed there three days (two nights) only, sent there by my organization. It is always nice to go somewhere with other people's expense actually. Well, my stay there was a nice one.
Kunming is situated at about 6200 feet above sea level. Although it is at the same level as Hakha, the capital of Chin State in Myanmar, it is not as cold as in Hakha. Here in Kunming, the temperature during the day is around 20 degree Celsius, a very nice temperature indeed. And the city in situated on a flat land, possibly a plateau. The city itself is very clean, a lot cleaner than Bangkok, and quite modern. And there are also no dogs on the road too. Looks like they killed all the strayed dogs there.
There are fewer restaurants in Kunming than in Bangkok. Here in Bangkok, there are lots and lots of restaurants, both cheap and expensive. Over there, there are no road side paddlers, at least in the city center. That makes the city very clean, but at the same time, it makes the city monotonous. I feel like it is not as colorful as in Bangkok.
One interesting place to visit in Kunming is the old town, where the old, partly ruined houses situated. Some of the houses seemed to be ready to be pulled down in a few days. There are also many road side paddlers on the streets there too.

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