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Friday, July 15, 2005

Myanmar online journals and magazines

Interview - Interview journal (weekly) - one of the top selling Myanmar (Burmese) journals. The site is not working most of the time because of the server.

Achit - Achit journal. Yah - about love! This one is also selling well in Myanmar. However, the online version doesn't work most of the time. (Weekly)

Academy - Academy journal. Also not working properly. About Myanmar (Burmese) movies, videos, actors, actresses, models and singers. (Weekly)

People - People's magazine. One of the top selling Myanmar magazines. The online version is also nice looking and it is really working. (Monthly)

7Days News - 7 days news weekly journal. Myanmar news.

Internet - Internet journal (Weekly) - for IT professionals and those interested in IT. News on Myanmar IT and computer community.

Alinkar Journal - Myanmar online music journal from Planet website.

Faces - Myanmar fashion magazine. For teenagers.

Fashion Image - Myanmar fashion magazine. Actors, actress, models, singers, celebrities, news, music, fashion.

Marketing journal - Myanmar economic, business and marketing.

My Web Digest - Selected articles from Myanmar magazines and journals.

Myawaddy Bookshelf - Myanmar books, essays, poems, jokes, novels, short stories on the internet. Very well executed site.


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