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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Myanmar MP3 Music free downloads

Hi guys. To all those Myanmar (Burmese) Music lovers over the net. If you are interested in downloading Myanmar (Burmese) MP3 Music free of charge over the internet, why not try the MyanmarMP3 website. It has a vast collection of Modern Myanmar (Burmese) songs as well as some old songs. You need to register at the site and the download is limisted to 30 songs a day.

Another interesting site is Pangasar which also has quite a large collection of Myanmar songs. You don't need to register but you can only listen online - you cannot download it.

If you want to listen to old Myanmar or Burmese classical songs, try Mahagita. It has some Burmese classical songs, although frankly speaking, I never listen to the songs from that site before. Anyway, you can try.

Another Myanmar (Burmese) classical songs site is Myanmar Music. You will need Real Audio player to listen to these old Burmese classical songs.

Another site is Shwenadi. You can listen to Myanmar songs there and also give comments on these songs and rate them. You can also listen to live radio broadcast here too.

Another site that you can download is Kadayaung. I don't know what that means but here also, you can download some Myanmar (Burmese) songs in MP3 format free of charge.

Planet Myanmar also host a few downloadable Myanmar songs. I never tried to download from this site before. You can try it if all other sites failed.

Las of all, don't forget to check Yangon city official website. You can listen to the live City FM radio there, although I never succeed in listening to. May be, with luck, you might be able to listen to the live broadcast of city FM radio station.

A Lwann Cafe - Another Myanmar music and songs website. Downloadable mp3.

And finally, you can download some songs at TZM's Play Ground.


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zuke said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a music downloads site/blog. It pretty much covers music downloads related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys...
Why Not Coming to for Myanmar Mp3 Download.

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ngatay said...

yah, i tried the mp3 sites, they're cool.
Can anyone here tell me where i can download Antibiotic mp3s.
Can't download if from so where else can anyone tell me.

Anonymous said...

anyone have an idea how i would get any burmese singers and songwriters lyrics and chords. for instance wyne wine and htoo eain thin. pasangar is the gayest side ever. it used to have it before. please email me. i am from New Zealand.

Nyi said...

Try as well, you can download or stream Myanmar music online. Nice stuff!

Anonymous said... can be download too

Sai Sai said...

You forgot to mention a very popular new Myanmar music site :-)


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