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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Burmese (Myanmar) chat rooms

There are a number of Myanmar chat rooms on the internet. Perhaps the most famous and wel l known one is the Burmese online IRC chat. You can reach the site at . You can find the information on how to use the IRC client to connect to the chat room. If you don't know the technical details, then you can use the java script client or CGI client that the web site offer. However, the functionalty is not as rich as the real IRC client. However, after a while, some of your cyber friends will help u to set up an IRC client on your machine.

Another web chat is the shwenet chat room. However, it is not very popular and you won't see many people on it.

Another one is Planet chat. It is also not very popular. Both of these chat rooms need you to sign up with them. But the Burmese online doesn't ask you to sign up. You can just take any name you want as long as nobody take that name before you.

BaganNet also have some chat rooms but only very few people bother to log in.

Yangon City web site also host a web chat. It used to draw a few people but I haven't log on to it for quite a long time, so I don't know the current status.

Hope this post is of help to you. Nice chatting with Burmese friends at one of these Myanmar chat rooms.

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Babu KC said...

could you please tell me what does lu yote mar mean? (I know it is abusive- could you please tell what it means)

You may leave your answer at thank you.


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