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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tamu, Kabaw Valley

Tamu is a town in Kabaw Valley. It is situated just a few miles away from India border. Although not as large as Kalay, it is still a large town, with many good houses and buildings. There are many two to three storied buildings in Tamu, and many rich people live in Tamu. Roads are also wide and clean and the buildings look modern too. Many of the inhabitants in Tamu are Chin and Burmese with many rich Gurkha, and some Shan and Kachin too.

There are about 4 or 5 guest houses in Tamu. All of them are quite clean and tidy, with good access to restaurants. Food is not expensive in Tamu, and there are a lot of good restaurants and tea shops in Tamu. My favourite is the "Chit Tee" Restaurant in downtown Tamu. You can ask any one "Chit Tee" and they will show you the direction. In the morning you can have a very nice Puri and Tosai there.

There are many large and grand Christian Churches in Tamu, and some Hindu temples too.

There are buses in the town as well as tri cycles. Buses also run to Morae in India.

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메일링 리스트 said...

Dear Sir

Let me excuse to ask a question. I am doing my assignment. I don't know the exact name. What is the name of mountain range east of Kabaw Valley? Is it "Mitamie" range? Is it correct name? I need your reply.

From Republic of Korea



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