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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A visit to Inle, Shan State

This time when I went back to Taunggyi (the capital of ), I visited . I didn’t have enough time this time so I could only visited Inle. Otherwise, I would have visited Pintaya and Kattu. Inle is my favorite: never feel bored how many times I visited. The most crowded time in Inle is during the Thadingyut festival (the candle light festival celebrated during the month of October). I had been to Inle during one Thadingyut festival when I was young. It was during the time of Phaungdawoo Pagoda festival. So many boats and so many people: it was a very exciting memory of my childhood. This time I visited Inle, it was on the full moon day of Ta-zaun-mone (November), and was not as crowded as the month before. My friends also wanted to go to Khaung-dine (translator’s note: a place where there is a hot spring), so we visited both places - Inle and Khaung-dine. Actually, I wanted to have some delicious fish in Khaung-dine, but the rest wanted to take a bath in the hot spring in Khaung-dine. Finally, we ended up taking a bath in the hot spring. I wanted to go to the fish ponds afterwards, but my friends who arrived here for the first time wanted to see the candle light festaval at night, so we went back early.... read more at Visit to Inle

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