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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Myanmar Throne by Than Tun

An account of various thrones used by Myanmar kings

King Badon (Bodawphaya, 1782-1819) moved to the new palace on 17 May 1783 and Amarapura (the City of No Death) on 1 June 1783. One of his ministers called Jeyasankhaya (Zayyathinkhaya) compiled An Account on Golden Palace (Shwebon Nidan) and he completed the work on 21 February 1784. This work was used a handbook on the paraphernalia of almost everything used in the palace. It also explained how a particular thing in the palace (for instance a throne) was made, why is was made and for what purpose it was made. Most of the information given below is from this book.

A king uses eight kinds of throne. The name is Pallan (Palin) and it is derived from a Pali word pallanka meaning a seat. As the king uses it, this seat is generally known by the name of Rajapallanka (Yazapalin, the king’s seat). When it has a span of twenty four feet (5.53 meters) it is Mahapallanka, twelve feet (2.76 meters) Majjimapalanka and six feet (1.88 meters ) Culapallanka. Each throne is usually decorated with eight pieces, viz, (1) Lion, (2) Elephant in the Air, (3) Guardian God (Lokhanatha), (4) Peacock Fan, (5) Elephant Ear, (6) and (7) Two posts for the Door of the Reredos.... Read more at Myanmar Throne on Today in Myanmar.

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