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I am moving my blog to Myanmar Man's Diary.It has already passed the beta testing stage and now up and running. Please visit my new blog. For, I will be updating it with the excerpt from my new posts in Myanmar Man's Diary. Another blog I was invited to contribute to is Today in Myanmar, a website about Myanmar culture, custom, information, travel advice, life and anything about Myanmar. You can also visit the new blog. So far, I am the only one who regularly contribute to this blog while other friends are still writing their articles. Thank you for your support.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Myanmar Blogger Society

Myanmar Blogger Society is a non-profit organization for Myanmar bloggers all over the world. It promotes friendship and cooperation among Myanmar (Burmese) bloggers worldwide. The group has set up a web site for the Myanmar Blogger Society on Ning. Those Myanmar (Burmese) bloggers can join the Myanmar Blogger Society by signing up at the MBS website. Approval is needed before you could become a full member. The admin will check your blog before approval of your membership application.

At Myanmar Blogger Society, you can post blog posts at the MBS blog, upload your photos, set up your own page, browse and communicate with other members, discuss in MBS forum, and form groups with other bloggers. The site is quite extensive and very user friendly. I believe every Myanmar (Burmese) blogger and blog reader should sign up here to cooperate with other Myanmar (Burmese) bloggers and to promote their blogs and interests.

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David hogard said...

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