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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Check your Internet Broadband Connection Speed

If you want to know whether the connection speed your internet broadband service provider promised is correct or not, you can check it here at Broadband Speed test. The website automatically decides where you live and suggest the server for you to test. Just click the suggested server and the program will test the connection speed. It takes just a few seconds. It test both the upload and the download speeds, and display the answer. For me, my upload speed is always around 750 kbps while my download speed is always around half my upload speed, that is, around 400 – 450 kbps. What my internet service provider promises is 1.5 mbps for download and 512 kbps for upload. So, while the upload speed is not much different, the download speed is only half what they promised. I think it also depends on the internet usage at the time of my test. Let me know if your speed is the same as what your service provider promised.

My Speed Test result
My Speed Test Result


speedchecker said...

I am a speed testing field and checking speeds of internet of various users on their request. I prefer as a mode to check speed.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the post "Check your Internet Broadband Connection Speed"... Its very informative...

Anonymous said...

It's nice.I tested my broadband speed by using the speed test


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