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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Methodist English High School Alumni Website (MEHSA)

Here is the alumni website of the Methodist English High School, from Myanmar (formerly Rangoon, Burma). The high school is now famously known as Basic Education High School No. (1), Dagon, or Dagon One. It was a very famous Christian missionary school in the past. Even now, it is still considered the most prestigious high school in Myanmar. My father studied in that school when he was young and they did the reunion in Bangkok this January.


Captain Aye Tut said...

Dear Ko Myat Thura,
Thank you for your comments on MEHSA ReUnion.
May I know,who is your father?
Maybe he will know me..

Good work,I passed your Blog to my International Alumni friends.
Edwin Tin Tut
Class of 1961
Bangkok 2008 ReUnion Committee member and Reunion planner

Myat Thura - Myanmar man from Burma said...

Hi Sir,

My father is U Htay Win @ Clive Tharkhin. I am not sure you know him or not, but may be you know. By the way, thanks for sending my blog address to your firends.


Kirk said...

My Greatuncle was Frank Manton from the founding of the Methodist English School. I am interested learning more about the school's history, the work of my relatives and the plight of Christians in Myanmar today. Please send links that might help me? May God bless you, Kirk Manton


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