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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Something about Internet Cafes in Myanmar

Well, a few weeks ago, I wrote about blooming of internet cafes in Yangon. Well, there are now many new internet cafes in Yangon, and it is easier for the users to use internet at cheaper price. However, the problme with all of them is that, as there are frequent electricity outbreaks, they have to use their own generators for most of the time. Some of the internet cafes cannot keep up with the fuel price so they have to close when the electricity is cut off. Today when I was using at one internet cafe, they said they were going to close the shop as the generator was very hot because it had been running non stop for nearly 6 hours. Another one near by was also closed. The one I am using now is also running with the generator. They said it is not very profitable so they had to raise the fee now.

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