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Friday, June 16, 2006

Adorable Mother's Admirable Journey

Adorable Mother’s Admirable Journey By Tin Moe

Gee up “HE!” promts the bulls to go forward with bell jingling,
A few who could tarry in rest house hear it and tally beads.
And so the British period passed.

Bombs booming and aeroplanes wheezing;
Seek shelter in a religious dwelling
The one ventures in up and down riverine trading
While the freedom fight is commencing
And so the World War II passed.

Loud noises acclaim with pride the national independence
Flags flying, banners streaming in craziness
Like a tidal wave it climbs
And shake the earth with violence.
There is however a sadness as if the sky fell
And so the Aung San epoh passed.

The bell tolls, the whistle blows;
The Victory Drum booms! A glow
We are free, we are happy - but ephemeral.
Blood everywhere; it’s real.
Old sheds razed to ground; hills blazed to crumble,
Mothers with babies fled and trembled.
Everybody was in haste everywhere
These were tregedies with no finish
And so the Independence episode passed.

So the ears come and go
Sunset eventually leads to dawn
So we toil along an endless journey.
Here is a prompt that could be used
But it has been misplaced: the journey continues
Heart was steeped in misery
The one could not deny destiny
But brave it with tranquility.

With determination to forge ahead with intelligence:
Near miracle it was when each plan was carried to a success.
One would say that she blazes the trail
Flags flying with daring and will - It’s the way of our esteemed mother.

Ludu Daw Amar’s Birthday Greeting
Composed by Tin Moe
Translated by Than Tun

From Bagan Lat Thit & Other Articles - By Dr. Than Tun et al, In rememberance for Ludu Daw Amar’s 80th Birthday.
Ludu Publishing House, Mandalay, November 1996.


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