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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Myanmar (Burma) Blogs

Myanmar View - An excellent blog about various travel destinations in Myanmar. A very nice travel blog.

Myanmar Chit-chat - A variety Myanmar blog with lots of interesting articles.

Karen takes the mickey - A travel blog of a Singaporean who has just travelled to Myanmar.

Dylema - A travel blog of Dylan who wrote about his/her travel experience in Myanmar in seven parts series.

Feb13 - An excellent blog of Feb13. Quite interesting.

Nyein Chan Yar - A blog of Myo and Dathana, two Burmese people out there on various topics on Myanmar(Burma).

Simply9 - A personal weblog of a Myanmar man living in Singapore.

Nyi Linn Seck - An excellent personal weblog of Nyi Linn Seck. Various interesting topics on Myanmar.

Nyein Chan - A personal weblog of Nyein Chan. Various topics. Need Myanmar fonts.

Mg Hla - A personal weblog of Mg Hla, a Myanmar (Burmese) man from Mandalay.

Golden Burma - A Myanmar blog from an anonymous man from Burma. Various interesting topics on Myanmar.


NLS said...

Tnx for your comment bro. But could you fix the wrong link? recently it index to Ko Myo's Blog. Tnx

Myat Thura - Myanmar man from Burma said...

Sorry for the wrong link man.
Could u post your link here as I couldn't find reference to your link.

NLS said...

Sorry Bro!

This is Nyi. Here is my link :

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