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Friday, January 27, 2006

More Interesting Myanmar Websites

Wyne Su Khine Thein - The personal website of a lovely Myanmar model Wyne Su Khine Thein. You can also view her photos too.

TZM's Play Ground - A web site of a Myanmar IT man from Singapore. You can sign up to join the site, download Myanmar songs and chat with other friends here. A nice website.

Zeng's Weblog - A blog of a Myanmar guy interested in computer. Contains alot of helpful tips on computer for Myanmar users. Written in Myanmar. Very informative and helpful.

IRC Help - An IRC help site for Myanmar IRC chat users. A lot of details helps. Must have for all those Myanmar IRC chat users.

Zaw Moe Aung - A personal weblog of Zaw Moe Aung.

Popular Myanmar - Another Myanmar web portal. News, fashion, music, movies, poems, actresses and actors, singers, models, etc. You can also listen to songs if you have broadband, but cannot download any.

Mady June's Blog - A personal weblog of a Myanmar (?Girl) Mady June. An online diary with emphasis on Korean movie stars.

Sai Lone Kyaut's Blog - A personal weblog of Myanmar artist and media man Sai Lone Kyaut.

Mg Hla's Blog - A personal weblog of Mg Hla. In Myanmar font.

Mayvelous Things - A personal weblog of May Hnin Phyu, a Myanmar IT professional from Fiji.

Swans Brothers - A personal weblog with free e books in pdf format.


NLS said...

Welcome Back Bro!!!

How was your Honeymoon?

Glad to see you are updating again.


Anonymous said...

Link broken? TZM's Play Ground


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