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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shwegadon Pagoda

One of the places that you must pay a visit in Yangon (Rangoon) is the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. Believed to be the first padoda ever built on Earth, Shwedagon is the centre of worship and devotion for all the Buddhist in Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar (Burmese) Buddhists believe Shwedagon was built around 2,500 years ago, during the time of Lorda Buddha, although archiologists believe the pagoda was built during 6 and 10 century AD by Mons. Whether this claim is true or not nobody knows, Shwegadon remains centre of Burmese and Mon buddhism since ancient time. Many Burmese and Mon kings and queens renovated Shwedagon Pagoda several times in history, many of whom said to have donated gold equal to their body weights. Today, Shwedagon is estimated to be covered in 60 tons of gold plates!

Shwedagon Pagoda at night
Shwedagon Pagoda at night
Situated on the highest hill in Yangon, and rising above 326 feet above its base, the pagoda can be seen from up to 50 miles away. It is indeed the most famous and prominent landmark in and around Yangon (Rangoon). The pagoda is situated in the heart of Yangon (Rangon) and can be easily reached by bus or by taxi, or even walk on foot if you stay in one of many hotels and guest houses close to the Pagoda. There are four stairways or zaung dan, one in each direction (East, North, West and South), with the East zaung dan being the longest. At the entrance of each stairway,a pair of lions guard the approach. Along each zaung dan, with the exception of West zaung dan, shops are open on either side of the stairway. These shops sell buddha stupas, religous books, flower pots, flowers, incense jotsticks and candles. The zaung dans you see now are newly built just a few years ago: the old ones being so worn out and unstable that they had to be demolished. There are elevators alongside the Nort, East and South stairways with one escalator installed for the West stairway. Counters are opened at each stairway and elevator entrance so that entrance fees can be collected for the foreigners. Currently, entrance fees for Shwedagon Pagoda is ... Read more about Shwedagon Pagoda on Today in Myanmar.

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