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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Prepaid GSM Mobile phone cards in Myanmar

Finally, at last, prepaid GSM mobile SIM cards are available to the general public in Myanmar. With the official price of post paid GSM phone cards at around 1,500 US$ in Myanmar, the new cheaper GSM cards become the hype among the general public. According to one news story, the sale of cheap handsets goes up in recent weeks in Myanmar. However, there are also some draw backs with this cheaper GSM prepaid cards. I have written three articles on this prepaid GSM cards in my other blogs and the blogs I contribute to. Here are the links to these posts.

Prepaid GSM mobile phone cards to be available soon in Myanmar According to some internet news, prepaid GSM SIM cards will be available in Myanmar soon. According to unofficial reports, these GSM SIM cards are to be sold in US dollars initially, aiming at tourists coming to Myanmar. Although the price is yet to be confirmed, it is rumoured that .....

Newly introduced prepaid mobile phone SIM cards from Myanmar Telecoms and Telegraph are now available to general public in City Mart Supermarkets in Yangon, according to The Voice Weekly News Journal from Myanmar. According to The Voice, the phone cards are sold at the original price of US$ 20. Customers have to show their .....

I have already written about the easy availability of prepaid GSM phone cards in Myanmar in recent weeks. The prepaid phone cards were not available in Myanmar until a few weeks ago, although they are easily and cheaply available in other South East Asian countries. GSM subscriber lines in Myanmar are quite expensive and difficult to get one. Officially priced at around US$ 1,500, they are not only extremely expensive but also very difficult to get one with .....

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