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Monday, March 31, 2008

Popular Myanmar Online Journal

This is the online version of Myanmar Popular weekly journal. You can read about latest news on Myanmar movies, music, movies stars, actors, actresses, singers and entertainment community. You can also read the online version of Yati Magazine. The online version is not as complete as the print version but at least you can read some news on Myanmar entertainment community. Read it at Myanmar Popular Journal.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not able to view the burmese fonts in After downloading ZawGyiOne, I was able to read burmese version on Irrawaddy but still popularmyanmar still is not working. Any idea on what I have to do or what type of font I have to download to be able to read articles in Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Myat Thura - Myanmar man from Burma said...

I am not sure what font Popular Journal is using. Sometimes, it really sucks when a website does not say what Myanmar font they use. As you know, Myanmar fonts are not standardized and if you don't have the correct font, your web pages are not displayed properly. (Please see the article One Thing I hate about Myanmar sites. But it seems Popular Myanmar Journal is using one of those unicode Myanmar fonts, probably Zawgyi. If you cannot display Myanmar unicode fonts properly, change your character encoding. In firefox browse, go to View --> Character Encoding --> Unicode (UTF-8). However, if you are using Internet Explorer, you are not very fortunate. It seems IE cannot display Unicode Myanmar fonts properly, and I still cannot make IE display unicode Myanmar fonts properly. (I mostly use Firefox).


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